The Sky is the limit my friend........


          I genuinely feel like the sky is the limit for my adorable little Brentwood in our free digital stamp that we offer at the coffee lovers' blog hop. You can allow him the opportunity to own his coffee shop. I got to be much fun to draw him as a barista because he has done almost everything else in the coffee world, and I thought it would be fun to have him as the shop owner.

          This card was straightforward to create the first thing I did was download the image from the JessicaLynnOriginal website. (click here). Using digital stamps is extremely easy if you've never used them before. I'll put a video down below that you can watch to show you the entire process from downloading to printing. Many people will send the digital stamps off to Kinko's or another printing service in their local town because their printers don't print well enough.

          Once I had that set, I went ahead and pulled out my dioxide inks, and I created the beautiful blue background that you see. I used three different shades of blue. I used the following colors: faded Jjean, broken china, and chipped sapphire. Those together made a beautiful sky without clouds effect. My goal was to make it where Brentwood's eyes would pop. I feel that his eyes do that, so mission accomplished.

It is your turn to fly Brentwood....

          Once I had that done, I went ahead and ran Brentwood through my brother scan and cut, and I was able to cut him out and what I love is that it doesn't require to die cuts, and it will find the lines and even all of the jagged edges that front wood owls fur feathers have.

          Then I went ahead and use my Copic markers to color Brentwood in, and I put him up on foam risers right on that background directly, and the stamp that I used for the woohoo a so proud of you is from my friend at 3RoomStudio. If you know me, I am a big don cheering people on. I've been called a cheerleader of my team at work as well, and I love the sentiment, and you know what? I am very proud of Brentwood, and I'm very proud of where he's going.

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