Keep Living your Dream - I am writing a Children's Book

          I am so excited that after quite a few years and a whole lot of talk with everything going on with the pandemic, I decided that you know what it is now the time. I decided quite a few years ago that I wanted to write a children's book and do all of the illustrations for it as well. I have struggled quite a bit with what story concept should I start with and what's the lesson that I should teach in the book. Then came along arrived two children that I had into my life, and all of a sudden, making sure that I wrote a book that taught something or had a good lesson for them was something that I wanted to do.

         A few months ago, I was in a meeting, and the idea struck me like lightning. I kid you not. I was in the boardroom looking around, and it was almost like something else was telling me the story, and I had to write it down at that moment. I have spent a long time thinking about this process, and when the story completed itself, I knew that it was time, and I just had to figure out when I can illustrate the book. My ultimate goal is to go ahead and publish traditionally or to find my publisher or perhaps even publish on my own.  

        I went ahead and started reviewing quite a few children's books, and how much content is in each of them, and I'm excited about this story and the fact that it could be something that could Branch out for multiple books and perhaps even a children series. The age group that I'm hoping that it will hit is a kindergarten - first grade because that age is perfect. They can readjust enough or sound out the letters to be able to read it to their younger siblings.

         So one of the processes that I am toying around with is the idea of actually doing some of the page illustrations live on my YouTube channel. I really want to get you invested in our book and into our characters, and I hope that you will share this out and continue to support my small business in my dream. I am incredibly excited to share it with you, and I'm in the process right now of getting everything copy-written so that we are good to go, and I can get started. 

        I can't even imagine if our book would be someday published and picked up for a New York bestseller, or maybe we could also be in every library at every school, or perhaps my book could eventually be in Scholastic where the kids can purchase discounted books to encourage reading. I think the idea of all of that has really got me excited to share this with you. I can't say too much yet until I get everything that but I'm going to tell you that over the summer we are going to publish our own first book and it is going to be a real adventure with a friend that you all know from JessicaLynnOriginal. over the next few months I will continue to share updates images and times for when we may go live to start working on the illustrations and coloring of the pages from the book. I have toyed around with the idea of also allowing some of our friends and guests to be sponsors on the book, or maybe you'll get a limited edition version, or perhaps you might get one of the original pages illustrated and colored so, please know that that's other things that I have on the horizon and I cannot wait to share more with you.

Continue to move forward and don't forget to keep living your dream,