MY ART WAS STOLEN!!! Let's Talk About What China Is Doing!

Thank you all so much for tuning in to see My YouTube live. I am the artist and owner of JessicaLynnOriginal and have been for 13 years! I am not the 1st rubber stamp company to be ripped off but I will definitely be the loudest.

2. Amazon ( is the seller)

ONLY 3 PLACES WITH OUR OFFICIAL STAMPS everything else is crap from China!!!

Please do not buy rubber stamps from China they are not real. They are stealing our art and creating their own rubber stamps. Many of the ones that were stolen from my company even include my signature or special trademark on them.

For those of you that think this is a great deal on a smart thing it's not. What if someone stalled a photo of you inserted putting it alongside of everything you hated. And then they never paid you a penny for your likeness I am sure that you would not be happy.

What I request is that if you do go out to these websites and you see any stamp company that you know including stamping up, lawn fawn, ctmh , Jessicalynnoriginal, ect You know that they do not belong to that China company then you need to report it as stolen. I have already done that for all of my stamps and I plan on doing it for additional companies who I know that these arts have been stolen. To do not buy them!!

Please watch my video with an open mind and understanding why!!!

Thank you To all of our amazing customers we appreciate the fact that you support items made here in the United States and the fact that you support us.

POLICY: All rights to Brentwood Owl© and all of the family of stamps are protected by a copyright owned by Jessica Lynn Mould. These images/stamps cannot be used for mass production.

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