An unexpected Lesson from my Dad

When I was maybe seven years old my Dad asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I wasn't sure and I said a photographer. I had no idea. He said well, that is a market that has a lot of people in it doing the same thing. You are going to need to figure out how to find you! Find the things that make you special. Now, this was back in 1980-something.. so there wasn't a thousand How-To books, or YouTube videos to inspire me. He spent a lot of time talking to me about how to find me, how to find that different. But at seven I wasn't listening.. well I guess I was. So much of what he taught me and make me think about are how I run

He had cancer and in the 80's that meant 'Good Luck'.. we will try. He used to joke that he was the oldest guinea pig. He had tried all of the things to cure him and nothing worked. He has prostate cancer which now have a five-year survival rate of 99%. That means right now if you catch it 1 out of a 100 people don't make it. So please give you have a man in your life that you love MAKE THEM go and get checked out on a regular plan. Prostate cancer can often be found early using a simple blood test!! (more information:

He passed away when I was in High School and I can not imagine trying to express as much data to a young child knowing that you might not make it and see them ever apply it. Wise beyond his time.

My art is just different, I love focusing on something that makes me unique. I feel that there is a lot of stamp companies and I love being unique and not creating what everyone else it. Only now almost 25+ years later are the lessons he taught me actually meaning something.  I have two young daughters I I focus to be the best owner of that I can be. My goal is for them to learn as much from me and I did from my Dad. I want them to be ready to take on this world head-on. I want them to be inspired to push for their dreams and the courage to get them!

So why write this?
Well, I hope to inspire you in two ways.

ONE - If you have been blessed to have little ones in your life - share with them what makes you special. Teach them how to do it too.  They are watching and they want to learn. They might not know that at seven or younger, but they do! Share your crafting, your time, and your passion. You might be surprised to see what comes next.

TWO - if you have a male in your life make sure they go for regular visits to be tested for prostate cancer!

Thank you for visiting my blog and being a supporter of my stamp company. It means a lifetime of love and dreaming every time that I get to ship out an order. 

 Jessica Lynn

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