Why the change of the Blog?

So excited to be back on my favorite version of the blog.. blogger! I was here for a long time and then I thought it would be worth it to change over to another version (which was a cost each year) yeah.. no. I really didn't like the other version of my blog and people had issues with feedback and such. SO.. we are back here. I am so excited. I was going to import everything and I thought.. you know what.. clean slate. We have sold out of stamps and such.. so why rehash was is done.

2017 has been a very interesting year here in the Mould Family. We added a new daughter back in April, Miss Flynne. Our other daughter is already four and on her way to Pre-K, it is crazy to think about how fast that time went. We have just been busy from the time we wake up till bed but I wouldn't want it any other way. I did take a few month off. After 12+ years of JessicaLynnOriginal.com I knew that I was going to burn out if I didn't take some time. Family time. It was really needed and I can tell you I feel ready to bring this back and really share some amazing new art. Taking time for your mental health is a great thing.

For those of you who are new, I am the owner of JessicaLynnOriginal.com and our sister company (JLMould.etsy.com) our Etsy counterpart. I draw ALL of the art that you see in our store unless I noted it as such.

I am so excited that you are joining us on this new adventure.

Jessica Lynn

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