Sending a Hug with Coffee

I created this card using the giveaway digital stamp.


It is a digital stamp so I placed it on a word document and printed it out on card stock. Then I colored him in and drew the stars and new "Facebook" icon on his cup. I love that new expression icon. I hope it stays, I use it on EVERYTHING. I love how this turned out. 

2020 Spring | Summer Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

Social media hashtag: #springsummer2020clh

        I am so excited to be part of yet another fantastic coffee lovers blog hop. It is one of the highlights of our year, and I love being able to gather all the different stamp companies together and all of us to work together toward a common goal of just celebrating and enjoying each other's company on an immense scale blog hop. This year has brought us all types of changes and adjustments, but one thing still holds, and that is that we all love to be creative, and we all love to be connected.

Until June 1st our website will automatically take 20% off your cart at checkout. 


        This year we have decided to draw a brand new digital image, and I am so excited for you to be able to pick up this fun image and design a handmade card that you'll be able to post within the blog hot. To be able to pick up this image, I'll want to visit this link, and then you will add it to your cart and checkout, and you'll be able to download it instantly. Be sure to share it on social media using the hashtag #JessicaLynnOriginal, and we will make sure to post it on her Instagram and our social media as well hopefully getting you some additional visits to your blog, social media, or Instagram account.

Download this adorable digital on our website:


        We are so excited that our YouTube Channel is over 600 members strong. I love being able to share some amazing cards with you and fun events. On my channel we go through and share with you all types of card making processes both look good and the bad. I try to share my drawing of the stamp designs with you to show you the process that I run through and then I also love showing when we package up orders. Over this pandemic time we have been completely blessed with some of the most amazing customers who have supported our company.  If you would like to subscribe be sure to do so here.


        I am in the process of blogging more and after some testing I am staying with Blogger. I really love the format and how easy it is for you to comment and follow. We would love you to follow us and we will go and follow you. There is a "Friends" area on the right side of this blog, be sure to Follow. Then you can see all of your posts when they go live.


        I am so excited to share these new stickers with you in our shop. They are limited edition so be sure to pick them up today. Be sure to take a look around as I have a lot of new things going on: 

Thank you so much! Happy Hopping & Crafting!

Hugh Jackman World Tour Highlights Chicago IL The Greatest Showman 6/21/...

One of the best shows that I have ever seen. Everything was top notch and the fact that we got to see Hugh Jackman (Wolverine, Greatest Showman, Van Helsing... ) It was one of the best. <3 This is the highlights. Omg.. best ever. I hope he tours again once all of this is over. Once in a lifetime show.

Jessica Lynn

Thank you for Supporting Small Business | Let's pack up an order with JessicaLynnOriginal dog stamps

I want to take a few moments to say thank you so much for supporting a small business like mine. I have been around for over fifteen years, and I love being able to create original custom designs as the owner and artist of the company it means a great deal to me. I have had a beautiful couple of weeks very supportive customers and clients who purchase my stamps and place them in their stores have reached out and made sure to connect with me and to make sure that we're doing okay. 

We are doing okay, and we are going to press severe and keep moving forward even under all of these crazy times. I am so excited to share that we will be having a few new dog breeds coming very soon, and we will be offering pre-sale of those around the same time as the coffee lovers blog hop. Are brand-new adorable gnomes stamps have only a few left in stock, and I thank you so much for all of your support and love for them. I am going to be designing a new set of gnomes that will go along with the original set, and I cannot wait to draw those live with you on our YouTube channel. 

 I hope that you and your family are safe and well, and I hope that you have had an opportunity to get outside, go for walks or stay inside and do some crafting or do something creative to keep your mind stirring and moving forward. In the next couple of weeks, we've got some exciting things coming, so be sure to visit our blog often, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channels that you can see all of the new art and samples that will be arriving at the end of the month. 

As we talked about earlier, I am still in the works of my children's book, and my most current update is that I am finalizing the last couple of pieces of getting the story copy written and ready to go. I am so excited to be able to start this process that I've wanted to do since my company initiated, and I cannot wait to share this with you. 

Thank you

Keep Living your Dream - I am writing a Children's Book

          I am so excited that after quite a few years and a whole lot of talk with everything going on with the pandemic, I decided that you know what it is now the time. I decided quite a few years ago that I wanted to write a children's book and do all of the illustrations for it as well. I have struggled quite a bit with what story concept should I start with and what's the lesson that I should teach in the book. Then came along arrived two children that I had into my life, and all of a sudden, making sure that I wrote a book that taught something or had a good lesson for them was something that I wanted to do.

         A few months ago, I was in a meeting, and the idea struck me like lightning. I kid you not. I was in the boardroom looking around, and it was almost like something else was telling me the story, and I had to write it down at that moment. I have spent a long time thinking about this process, and when the story completed itself, I knew that it was time, and I just had to figure out when I can illustrate the book. My ultimate goal is to go ahead and publish traditionally or to find my publisher or perhaps even publish on my own.  

        I went ahead and started reviewing quite a few children's books, and how much content is in each of them, and I'm excited about this story and the fact that it could be something that could Branch out for multiple books and perhaps even a children series. The age group that I'm hoping that it will hit is a kindergarten - first grade because that age is perfect. They can readjust enough or sound out the letters to be able to read it to their younger siblings.

         So one of the processes that I am toying around with is the idea of actually doing some of the page illustrations live on my YouTube channel. I really want to get you invested in our book and into our characters, and I hope that you will share this out and continue to support my small business in my dream. I am incredibly excited to share it with you, and I'm in the process right now of getting everything copy-written so that we are good to go, and I can get started. 

        I can't even imagine if our book would be someday published and picked up for a New York bestseller, or maybe we could also be in every library at every school, or perhaps my book could eventually be in Scholastic where the kids can purchase discounted books to encourage reading. I think the idea of all of that has really got me excited to share this with you. I can't say too much yet until I get everything that but I'm going to tell you that over the summer we are going to publish our own first book and it is going to be a real adventure with a friend that you all know from JessicaLynnOriginal. over the next few months I will continue to share updates images and times for when we may go live to start working on the illustrations and coloring of the pages from the book. I have toyed around with the idea of also allowing some of our friends and guests to be sponsors on the book, or maybe you'll get a limited edition version, or perhaps you might get one of the original pages illustrated and colored so, please know that that's other things that I have on the horizon and I cannot wait to share more with you.

Continue to move forward and don't forget to keep living your dream,

Finding your Creative Flow again during the Pandemic

Over the past three months, I have really been able to start thinking about how I process my creative juices and my creative thought process. Like all of us, I have been working from home; actually, I should rephrase that I have been doing my job at my house wall trying to maintain sanity with my children. I am genuinely just another mom trying to make a difference in this world and also trying to continue to be creative not only with my business but for my customers. I'm not going to say that it has been easy because it has not been, and I have learned a lot about myself and what I really want out of life during this pandemic. I hope that this gets you inspired to want to keep moving forward and to do something bigger and better and more creative than you've ever done before. As far as I'm concerned, right now this is really the time to try everything you've always said that you could never find the time to do something and we have all been given it. So what are some ways to help you get those creative juices flowing again, especially when you have felt completely bogged down with the day-to-day? 

         For me being creative is a natural part of my life. Think about when we were all kids we used to Draw & Paint and run around and play, or we would play dress up. So the 1st thing I have done that really has helped me get inspired again has to God ahead and start just moving around moving my body. I have spent a lot of time stuck in front of a computer, and I realize that it's so crucial for me to head outside and get some fresh air or take the kids for a walk. It really clears my mind and helps me keep moving forward. 

         Honestly, the next thing is to just let go of the outcomes. You can not be psychic and plan every portion of every part of every day. I used to try and do that, and I spent so much of my time completely stressed out, and it would hurt my creative process and be able to design stamps for my customers that then they can go and create the most beautiful amazing cards that mean something and so much to someone else says the world to me. So knowing that me holding myself back has allowed all of you not to be able to enjoy what you have typically gotten from me has really allowed me the moment to realize that I need to continue on my journey and that the rest of the destination will reveal itself. 

         Being very artistic sometimes makes me take things too seriously or overwhelming, so I have been thinking about the idea of just learning how to play again. I have spent a lot of time looking at Pinterest boards or other Facebook groups of card makers who have the most beautiful cards, and I would set incredibly high standards for myself that I felt I could never attain. But by doing that, I stressed myself out again over nothing and didn't allow my brain to just have that creative flow. 

         For me switching up my medium or embracing what I currently have used has really been another thing to help me break out of my ordinary. Because I am typically an artist and I do a lot of drawing, I have really tried to start writing more as you can tell from my blog I am in the process of changing this. I wanna communicate more, and I want to inspire and share thoughts with you that maybe I haven't before, and I want you to understand that I want to share my process and how I create art so that it can then inspire you to make the most beautiful pieces ever. I want to start giving myself more permission to use my imagination and let the pressure being taken off of myself and me my shoulders and that I just want to get back to it being fun. I think it's so easy to understand caught up in all of the social media and the YouTube and everything else going on that it's easy to forget that the reason that we do make cards or that we do this process is because we have a for sure love of being creative and artistic. 

         I personally feel that being creative is a gift, and it is an adamant one because it requires that I have a lot of patience and that my family has a lot of trust in my dreams and my goals. I've decided that whenever I feel like I might be getting pulled out into another stressful situation, I'm going to go ahead and grab a pen and paper and start drawing, and I'm going to start thinking about how I can get back to it being fun and being creative. It reminds me of a lot of my daughter, who is in elementary school, and whenever they end up in a stressful situation, they pivot move and keep moving forward. As the owner of a rubber stamp company that I draw all of the art for myself, I am hoping that the second half of 2020 is going to be about me being able to be able to share with you more of our thoughts beyond being able to build our community. 

         I have just started a brand new mailing list, and in there, I'm going to be including all types of special discounts as well as communication that will talk about my blog posts. My goal is to make this blog much more of a conversation than anything I've ever had before. I am starting to feel the creative juices flowing, and I cannot wait to share with you everything that my brain has been cooking up while high has been in pandemic mode at home. 

I hope that each and every one of you finds your creative flow and remember we're doing this because it's fun.

Pivot when needed.

When I was growing up, I wanted one of two jobs I either wanted to be an animatorfor Disney or I wanted to be able to sew costumes and clothing for people that were tall or needed special fitting. I opted to go to college for costume design, and I can do most of what they do on Project Runway. When everything started with the pandemic, I had a few friends of mine who knew that I could sew. Before they could even finish ask if I would be willing to make some masks. I had already pulled out my massive stash of cotton fabric that I had been storing for years for quilts or for cute costumes for my kids that had never been used. I joked with my husband that my fabric hoarding finally had a purpose, and I jumped in and pivoted my company. To be able to afford to not only make the mask but be able to afford the cost of everything that goes into making them, I decided to opt into a model where I am donating as I can as well as making them for sale. 

        We are currently over 75 masks between sales and donations. I love being able to share my creative skills, and if it's something that allows us to be safe, then I am all for it. I have been sewing like crazy and I thank you for all of your love and support. It means so much to me. 

Interested in purchasing a Mask please visit our website here. 


Tutorial: How to Create Golden Retriever Dog stamp SimonSaysStamp Die Cu...

I have had this die cut for so long and I thought lets make a card with one of our stamps to show it off. I am in LOVE with the finished edge that it created. It is such an easy dies cut to use and then adding in our Golden Retriever stamp.
You will need a few things:

©2018 POLICY: All rights to Brentwood Owl© and all of the family of stamps are protected by a copyright owned by Jessica Lynn Mould. These images/stamps cannot be used for mass production.
#SimonsaysStamps #goldenretriever #jessicalynnoriginal #clearstamp #howto #handmadecard #makethiscardwithus

Challenge: 3 Color Marker #3MC Make a Card with a Digital stamp Jessica...

#3markerchallenge You can find all of our rubber and digital stamps at our website: Make your card/video and share it.. make sure you tag with the hashtag #3MC  and tag back to this video. I will make sure to comment on everyone's challenges!!

How the Challenge Works:

1. Choose an image you want to work with. (any company images/ digital or stamp)
2. Choose 3 Markers (any kind) I used copics.
3. The 2nd color you pick MUST be the majority color in your image.
4. Color the image/ turn it into a simple card
5. post/ tag #3MC and then comment on this YT video with the link to your sample.
6. Tag 3 friends to try this challenge too.

Items we offer:

• digital stamps:
• copic Markers:
• Black Ink:
• Brother Scan and Cut –

Tutorial: How to Create English Bulldog polorid picture handmade card Do...

I am just loving how this card turned out. It would be perfect for someone who lost a post or if you are just missing them.

You will need a few things:


POLICY: All rights to Brentwood Owl© and all of the family of stamps are protected by a copyright owned by Jessica Lynn Mould. These images/stamps cannot be used for mass production.

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Boo2You Happy Halloween Limited Edition Download Stamp NotSoScary Pumpkin

Halloween is my favorite time of year and we are offering a limited edition digital set of three stamps that you can pick up today. It includes two pumpkins and one sentiment. #HappyHalloween I will show you how to download this stamp set, die cut it with the Brother Scan N Cut, Color with Copics, and finally assemble. You will need a few things: • Digital Rubber Stamp Pumpkins: • Copic Markers: • Black Ink: • Brother Scan n' Cut – • Glitter Pens - • TomBow Adhesive - • Tim Holtz Distress Ink - VISIT OUR WEBSITE: Make sure you say hi and hit the subscribe button!. Send us some postcards and sample cards! Po Box 370594 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53237 ©2018 POLICY: All rights to Brentwood Owl© and all of the family of stamps are protected by a copyright owned by Jessica Lynn Mould. These images/stamps cannot be used for mass production.

TheTimTracker & JessicaLynnOriginal Custom Rubber Stamp Small Business

Today's Vlog is about My love of Disney, custom Stamps and one of my FAVORITE YouTube Channels!! I know I am late to the game, but I just found TheTimTracker ( about six months ago, and I have been watching them all to get caught up. They are an adorable Orlando based couple who visit Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and almost every other location in Orlando. They put together great videos and I have been very inspired by their style and quality of videos. I watch them when I am working on custom stamps or designing new ones! My goal for 2018 is to give back and THANK those that inspire me! They do. I am a Huge fan of Disney and I love being able to watch a few different 'disney' channels on YouTube. I can get my DisneyFix without being able to visit the parks as often as they do. I made him a custom rubber stamp that they can use for their needs. I hope that they love it. It is being shipped out to them tomorrow!!! Happy Stamping! VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

Summer 2018 Creative Scrapbook Magazine Beach Brentwood Owl Handmade Card

We are so honored to have former DT member Jennifer Greco's handmade create featuring our Brentwood Owl in the Summer 2018 edition of Creative Scrapbooking!! I always get copies of the magazines that we are featured in so I can hang them in my office. If you have a card or layout featured in a magazine or online magazine be sure to tell us. We do offer gift certificate bonuses as a thank you for sharing our stamps!! You can pick up this adorable digital stamp: You can pick up a copy of this magazine in many craft stores or online at:

Golden Retriever Sentiments Puppy 4x6 Clear Photopolymer Stamp Set AKC Dog

Our newest photopolymer stamp set features the AKC Dog Breed Golden Retriever. I just love this adorable set! You can pick it up today!! Order here: VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

Labrador Retriever Handmade Card masculine birthday card JessicaLynnOrig...

I wanted to create an easy and fun birthday card for a guy’s birthday! I love it!

You will need a few things:
1. AKC Dog Labrador Retriever Lab 4x6 Clear Photopolymer Stamp Set:
2.Copic Markers:
3.Black Ink:
4.KatScappiness Double Stitched Circle/Rectangle Die:

Handmade Card Golden Retriever Dog DIY Cards Paper Craft Ideas

I wanted to make a card that was a little more easy work, just a little time consuming featuring our brand new Golden Retriever stamps. I am so happy with how it turned out. I did come up with a few easier ways to do what I did, which I will point out to save you the time.

You will need a few things:
• AKC Dog Golden Retriever Sentiments Puppy 4x6 Clear Photopolymer Stamp Set -
• Copic Markers:
• Black Ink:
• Brother Scan and Cut –
• Glitter Pens -
• TomBow Adhesive -
• Tim Holtz Distress Ink -

POLICY: All rights to Brentwood Owl© and all of the family of stamps are protected by a copyright owned by Jessica Lynn Mould. These images/stamps cannot be used for mass production or logos. if you are interested in working together please contact us.